Fujifilm X-H1, Canon Lens FL 19mm 1:3.5 R [№ 17xxx (1965-66)].
B.I.G. Lens Adapter: Canon FD(/FL) lenses to Fujifilm X cameras.
1/30 sec., f/5.6, ISO 200.
(A fast (f/3.5) almost distortion-free super-wide-angle lens. Although born with a few 'flaws', common to (some) vintage lenses, it's still a fine lens! It was/is a high-end lens sold at a 'high-end' price back then (probably in a limited number) when it was launched in November 1965 (45.000 ¥)).
[Saturday 4 September 2021 (No. 64/RAF)].
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